Can't Turned to Can

from by Kyle Forrester

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He's down for the count were all hoping he'll open his eyes
he fought quite a fight in spite of his stature and size
as the referee's shouting a nine and a ten
he springs to his feet and he's shaking his head and
the roar of the crowd steels the resolve in his eyes

*soldier on, fight your fight, don't you stay knocked down tonight
eyes ahead, feel your pain, accept risk and reward, go at it again

she's told him so many times don't you come home like that
now she and the kids are all locked up in the bath
and as she summons the courage to open the door
the back of his hand sends her strait to the floor and
she's thinking bout' putting her foot between his thighs


Bottle in hand and the plan is to get good and drunk
he's had to much to think so he just needs a drink so he thunk
but as the sound of the spirits into the glass
evokes the ghosts of yesteryears past and
he might just find the courage to change his mind


One more round, make it count, give up your blood, sweat and fears, every ounce, find your feet, take a stand, cause ain't nothing so sweet as can't turn to can


from Can't Turned to Can EP, released March 9, 2014



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