Can't Turned to Can EP

by Kyle Forrester

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released March 9, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Kyle Forrester
Drums by Matt Strombom
Pedal Steel by Patrick W. McHenry

Recorded and Produced by Matt Strombom and Kyle Forrester in the North East corner of Kyle's Room.

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Strombom



about Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Friendly Game of Love (feat. Patrick W. McHenry)
If I said to you we should be just friends
i guess you'd say to me this could be the end
but I don't want no one instead of you despite what's going on
I just want to stay ahead of you in this friendly game of love

if I said to you we should mate and pray
I guess you'd look at me and turn your gaze away
but I don't want no religion to tell me how to be
I just want someone to hold me, hold me as I bleed

There's got to be an answer my love
an answer that makes sense
if you should come across it my one
keep it to yourself.
Track Name: Made My Bed
Well I hope that when he's touching you your just glad it's not me
that I would be satisfied to know
and I'm sure he must feel lucky when you show him all the things
you never had the courage before to show

*but I don't give a damn
about how much I give a damn
I made my bed
and now I'm gonna sleep (x2)

When your both smelling funky and making fucked up faces
you'll look up and expect to see my eyes
and I sure would feel lucky if I could be in places
invisibly to witness your suprise


She's gone from me forever forever (x2)
Track Name: The Roof
the roof finely caved in today
four thousand gallons of rain
with wet sour heads we crawled off to bed
and tried to sleep these blues away

I told her she was less than she was
then I secretly sequestered one more slug
strait to the head boy I wished I was dead
cause I can't accept no more love

today finely caved in the roof
four thousand gallons of booze
course through my veins so I can't feel the shame
won't you roll me right into my grave
Track Name: Space Cadet Cowgirl
Just another alcoholic astonaut
drifting on through time and space
and I got nuthin but my helmet on
from drinking games at the base
of a mountain on the moon
hoping not to loose to soon
so that I may savor you
before double vision clouds my view

*won't you be my space cadet cowgirl
and I'll show you a tiny looking world
and I will be your space cadet cowboy
looking down at earth from our place of joy

rustling us up some moon rocks
throwing stones down at Texas
expeditions to the dark side
my how the stars there are so bright
and when there's nothing left to do
and we grow tired of the moon
we'll see our planet shrink from view
as we drift toward something new


I said won't you be my space cadet cowgirl
and I'll show you a tiny looking world
and I will be your space commander man
looking down at earth reach out and cup your hand
looking down at earth reach out and cup your hand
Track Name: Can't Turned to Can
He's down for the count were all hoping he'll open his eyes
he fought quite a fight in spite of his stature and size
as the referee's shouting a nine and a ten
he springs to his feet and he's shaking his head and
the roar of the crowd steels the resolve in his eyes

*soldier on, fight your fight, don't you stay knocked down tonight
eyes ahead, feel your pain, accept risk and reward, go at it again

she's told him so many times don't you come home like that
now she and the kids are all locked up in the bath
and as she summons the courage to open the door
the back of his hand sends her strait to the floor and
she's thinking bout' putting her foot between his thighs


Bottle in hand and the plan is to get good and drunk
he's had to much to think so he just needs a drink so he thunk
but as the sound of the spirits into the glass
evokes the ghosts of yesteryears past and
he might just find the courage to change his mind


One more round, make it count, give up your blood, sweat and fears, every ounce, find your feet, take a stand, cause ain't nothing so sweet as can't turn to can